Hi! I’m River!

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I currently make my home in La Grande, OR. Haven’t heard of it? Our little valley is up in the gorgeous northeast corner of the state, and it is a fabulous place to raise children and chickens.


But Who Am I?

I am a mama. An artist. A writer. Collector of yarns. I like to crochet, wear yellow, and carry my baby around on my back in the sunshine. My sun sign is Taurus and its 1000% accurate. My photography journey started with as many disposable cameras as a young child could acquire with her birthday and Christmas money. At the age of 27 I quit college to really dive into my business, and haven’t looked back since. I am currently training as a birth and postapartum doula, and if you ask me anything about birth, I may never stop talking about the subject. I like Ace hard cider, fresh journals, prime lenses, and will probably whisper the phrase “that’s what she said” at least once during most sessions. I can’t help myself. The Office is the best show on the planet.


My hottie hubby asked me to marry him at a Timbers game, and we eloped on the coast in 2018, and afterwards went to a Timber’s game for our honeymoon. We are basically soccer nerds. He’s my best friend, and my partner on wedding photography.

My children are magical creatures who seem to have endless amounts of energy. We live on a piece of property by the river, and are attempting to turn a tiny , ramshackle house into our dream home. Our life is both messy and amazing, with copious amounts of time spent traveling around the state.


My family