The Traveling Dress in Oregon: Morgan Lake

I have long loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; the idea of one item of clothing fitting so magically on women of different shapes and sizes is amazing! But that doesn't happen in real life, right?

Or does it?

When a group of female photographers came together to share a dress for the Traveling Dress Project, I was excited and also a little skeptical of the dress living up to that magical idea. As it turns out, the dress couldn't be more perfect. Thus far on its journey, it has not only fit several women of varying heights and sizes, but has looked absolutely incredible on each individual. 

Want to see where the dress was before this session? See it here!

Dress: Fahrenheit Tanning Tolleson, Tolleson AZ

Necklace: Premier Designs

Kimono: Lularoe

Model: Abby Stonebreaker

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