Friday Feature // Real Deals // La Grande, Oregon

If you are like me and love cute home decor, but don’t want to pay a lot for it, then you are going to love Real Deals. What is it? Well, its a home decor and fashion boutique that carries a wide variety of really awesome pieces for incredibly low prices. Best part? Its right here in La Grande.

Owned by Tim & Janet Camp and opened in May 2018 , Real Deals just celebrated its first year in downtown La Grande! I’m shocked when people tell me they didn’t know about this store, because its smack dab on Adams Ave and beautifully decorated. I love popping in to say hi to Janet while I’m downtown, and of course, to check out the ever-changing inventory! I recently stopped in to find a planter for my growing collection of indoor succulents, and went home with a white rustic pail that now comfortable houses three of my plants. But Real Deals doesn’t just carry home decor - they also have women’s clothing and fashion accessories! Last summer while I was massively pregnant I snagged a cute summer dress there that fit my growing belly wonderfully, and I still wear it postpartum.

Why I love this store: two reasons! First, I love having a local spot to buy home decor that doesn’t break the bank; second, when I was in college I worked with Janet at EOU, and so I love being able to pop in and catch up with her while supporting their business.

My favorite thing about the inventory: they offer plus size clothing that is CUTE! I’ve been sending my clients there to find pieces, and have had good feedback about that! Its so hard to shop for clothing locally sometimes, let alone for a wide variety of sizes that are flattering and cute.

Things I’ve purchased here: planters, clothing, decor sign, candles, fake florals/succulents for styled shoots.

My favorite item currently in stock: a collection of VW Bus decor, including an actual VW bus planter! I’m seriously considering picking one up for my succulents.

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