Birth & 48-Fresh: Baby E

This birth story was supposed to have a completely different beginning; but as most mamas can relate to, birth can unfold in unexpected ways. Mariah had midwife care for her pregnancy, and expected to give birth at home as she did with their first child. When she woke up the morning baby E was born, some concerns arose that led to being checked into the local hospital birthing center and delivering there. For any mama that has had her birth plans tossed out the window, this is a really hard experience and very emotional. I was so impressed with how my friend handled the change of plans, and thanks to the amazing care and presence of her birth team that included her midwives and a local masseuse/childbirth educator, the birth was smooth and faster than I could have imagined. This was actually the first daytime birth I have attended, which made my photographer heart delighted (great lighting - you know, things photographers love). Baby E was born so quickly that the OB on staff didn't even make it to catch him - he came out into the capable and loving hands of the midwife (who will be catching my baby in September). The next day I went back to the hospital for 48-fresh photos, which we planned out so I was there when big brother Q met his new brother for the first time! It was so so sweet to see!

This is baby E's birth & 48 Fresh Story <3

*While I am sharing most of the images from this birth and 48-fresh, I have omitted images that contain full nudity/graphic content, for mama's privacy. This may not be the case for every birth I share, and when there are graphic images included I will also post a warning (not everyone is visually prepared to scroll and see blood/crowning)*

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