Heyo! I'm River


I like taking photos. I like drinking chai tea lattes, hanging out in breweries, hiking around Northeast Oregon, traveling in the southern states, and meeting new people. Its also entirely possible that I binge read National Graphic, crochet endless amounts of beanies, and officially hoard yarn - although I prefer to call it "collecting". My friends think I'll never get over the color yellow, and they are probably right. Yellow is an amazing color!

I live in La Grande, OR, with my hubby and our kiddos (wild 3 year old, 10 year old, and brand new baby!) We live in a cute little house on riverfront property, where we busy ourselves with raising chickens, playing outside with our two scruffy dogs, and tackling a much-needed home makeover. We are also die-hard Portland Timbers fans and travel to catch as many games as we can!

I love my work, my clients, and all the experiences that happen in my life because of this incredible job. I look forward to sitting down with you over a beer or chai to talk about capturing your memories. Who knows - we might become friends to boot!